Some of the collaborations so far...

1974: A collaboration with Del Osei Owusu

1974 (that's how it was in those days) is a spoken word track that takes us on an evocative, nostalgic trip down memory lane back to 1974 on the number 16 bus.
Written by Platinum Mind aka Del Osei-Owusu and Marina Florance.
How did this collaboration come about?
Me and Del met when we were moderators for Tom Robinson’s music blog Fresh On The Net and first started working together on music in 2020 for the track “Live Life Lovin’”. Since then we've written a number of tracks together.

'1974’ has had radio play by Mary Anne Hobbs BBC6Music, on the Tom Robinson Mixtape and has received further plays and praise from:
Jenn Crothers - Boogaloo Radio - "this is incredibly special, it's one of my favourite things I've ever heard"
Stradbroke Radio - “It's a lovely piece” 
Roots and Fusion - “Well that was excellent, really works as a spoken word” 
Along The Tracks - “Really like that, it works well”

The Warm and Toasty Club

The participants absolutely loved the songs” - Johnno Casson

— The Warm and Toasty Club founder

2018 Awards

Alongside the Warm and Toasty Club creator Johnno Casson, Jules Fox Allen & Marina Florance won the FATEA Innovation Award 2018

Jules Fox Allen & Marina Florance worked with The Warm & Toasty Club Project from 2017-2019, they were asked to write three songs each for the Coast To Coast Project & Colchester Memory Afternoons Project. All six songs are now complete & can be heard at The Warm & Toasty Bandcamp. 
They tell tales of being by the sea, food that was eaten, photograph albums, air raid shelters & more.

Marina is the musical glue that helps bring the Warm and Toasty social history to song.” - Jason Cobb

— Colchester Chronicle

The Blue Lady

Radio Jingles