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Common Ground

Who is right?
I am,
Me too, I'm right!
Who is wrong?
Not me. Me neither.
I'm not wrong.
Our common ground

Is there a middle,
where we can meet,
see eye to eye?
A quiet place,
a place of…

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See You Next Time

it's that time
i place a smile
wave goodbye
close the door
fold in half
and cry


if no one reads you
are you read
if no one hears you
are you heard
if no one sees you
are you seen

yes you are read
because you wrote
yes you are heard
because you spoke
yes you…

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Leaves me cold
Under the sink
My head turned upside down oh
Ballcocks another drip 
I could call a plumber 
Not over my twisted body
Get me my big red wrench 

adopted by neglect

through a window 
to a window
where decay resides
adopted by neglect
broken panes gaze upon walls 
with neither ceiling or floor
fine wallpaper
skilfully hung 
twisting into life 
certain escape
a gust away

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the ups and downs of 
who cares
the I'm right you're wrong of
who cares
the ins and outs of 
who cares
the your truth my truth of
who cares
the toing and froing of 
who cares
the beginning or…

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I will not 
wipe away my tears
they can dry on my face
no one hears me
like you did
no one knows me
like you did
no one loves me
like you did
I am carrying…

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Free To Speak

If I worked
in a biscuit factory
and shamed the biscuits
for being soft and tasteless
in my opinion 
they are soft and tasteless
should I be vilified 
educated maybe
to ensure 
that in future…

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Without Tears

I have to sing
somehow songs will be sung
all the way through 
to the end
without tears
then I will sing another
and another
and another
until I have a set
your set of songs 
I will…

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Walking Alone

In the distance I see three SUVs
parked on a muddy track.
Three people emerge,
one from each SUV.

My path takes me closer,
they are camouflaged,
pot bellied men,
each holds a gun.

I pass them by,
they do…

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Marina Talking with Marf on the Night Train
Listen below

Interview With Martha Richler

Marina Florance

This is a candid interview I did with Martha Richler the radio presenter for Night Train, a late-night radio show highlighting #women in music. Martha is also an ambassador for The F list Music. I really hope you enjoy this insight into my music lovingly mixed and produced by Marf (Martha Richler)

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