There’s a potency to Marina’s words that harbours meaningful messages through impact-rich poetic emphasis”

Tim Carroll

This, That & The Other

"The Path He Chose is going to be responsible for a lot of lumps in the throats and a lot of tear-filled eyes.You have to face it Florance is a class act."  Danny Farragher Folk All  - The Path He Chose is part of F Spot Femmes Fatales compilation Rel by Folkstock Records

Yester Me (Take A Ride)

The latest from Marina Florance, download/stream/listen! Yester Me on Soundcloud

Two More People

Released Aug13th 2016 on Folkstock Records

Released Aug13th 2016 on Folkstock Records

Why are so many listening to The Guilty One right now?

Triple A Side: "This is an EP that feels rich, that feels expressive. Marina carries emotion in her voice, in a way that few really can” FATEA, N.King