A singer/songwriter originally from London, Marina crosses just a few musical genres, coming up with a unique style all her own, her music has been described as Acoustic, Americana, Blues, Country, Folk...
She has been compared to some of the best vocalists in the music world, from Stevie Nicks to Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash to Nanci Griffiths, have to listen then you can decide for yourself.
Currently working on her third full album, due for release early next year, Marina is kept busy trying to make sure it arrives on time.
All that is left for you to do is listen to the music, fall in love with the music, share the music, whatever you do, why not join the mailing list to keep in touch with Marina and her music.


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A half yearly update

Words, Music, and Titles 

The recording continues, two further tracks completed and waiting to be mastered and that leaves me just one more to do, it's a bit sad really coming so close to the end of this project, but it does have to end and I have a deadline to meet, so I am turning my attention to a title and album artwork, oh dear this will take a while...


Blog: 7th Track almost completed 

I have been working on my latest album for almost 8 months, you could say it's a labour of love except there isn't any labour involved, to be honest every moment spent in my little homemade studio is bliss, I love it, I don't want it to end, but it will, when the album is finally ready for release which will most likely be the beginning of 2016, possibly...